We are so sorry for your loss. We are here to support you in this difficult time.

To schedule a funeral, call our Parish Office at 853-7468, or Email the Front Desk.

We have a wonderful group of parishioners ready and willing to help you arrange the service.

Additionally, they provide food for the reception, a prayer quilt, and friendship.

Please contact Jenny Feherenbacher, our Social Ministry Director and let us serve you. Call 850-7374 or Email Jenny.


This kind of bereavement often goes unacknowledged. If you or a loved one has suffered this loss, please call the Re. Ernie at 853-7468, or Email him.  Give your child a name and have masses offered in his memory (preserving your privacy if you like.)

In the event that there are remains (at home or hospital), Collierville Funeral Home will come retrieve and prepare them free of charge. You may bring your own container or purchase a one at the funeral home. Incarnation provides burial of small urns and containers in the church memorial area for free.

We have a wonderful group of moms (fellow sufferers) ready and willing to pray, comfort, and offer masses for your family.  Please contact Kimberly McNutt, 850-1277,or Email Kimberly.

Our Columbarium

columbariumIncarnation Columbarium

Our columbarium is complete.  This beautiful resting place has 315 niches.  Niches are $1500 for a single and $2000 for a double.

Parish Office, 853-7468, or Email Our Front Desk