Online Giving

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Set up your one-time or monthly donation to our general offertory, maintenance, debt retirement, Spring Festival, etc. We even have an “Other” category so you can earmark funds for whatever you wish.


I want to have something to put in the basket. Stop by the Welcome Desk before mass and pick up one of our “I give electronically” laminated cards.

What about 2nd collections? Every possible collection and its dates are on your giving page. Here’s the Collection Schedule for 2017. Also, we’ll notify you each Saturday about the current second collection. Just make sure you’re already on Father’s Mailchimp list.

Set-Up Instructions

  1. Go to our Online Giving page by using the button below.
  2. Click the “Create Profile” button and follow the prompts.
  3. Click “Add a Transaction.” It takes you the donations page.
  4. Enter your donations and DATES and click “Continue” at the bottom.
  5. Choose a form of payment and follow the prompts.
  6. Click the “Process” button. 

Not enough? Use our Click-by-Click Visual Step Sheet

Do You Have Any Questions?

Contact Connie McShane at or call 853-7468. To reach her extension directly, dial 312 as soon as you hear the recording.