Caring for those who can't be with us.

We have more than 30 parishioners at home and in assisted-living facilities.

Homebound Ministry volunteers serve in a variety of ways:

  • Bring communion 1-2 times a week.
  • Drop in for friendly visits.
  • Send cards and notes.
  • Make prayer shawls and lap blankets.


Social Ministry Director
Jenny Fehrenbacher, 850-7374

Angel Knitters:
Audrey Bradham 853-9825

Angel Quilters:
Susan Brack 853-2125

Breast Cancer Support:
Loma Hyder 854-9790

Career Support:
Bob Reilly 378-1818

Funeral Support:
Mary Beth Trouy 853-1819
Betty Llewellen 854-2739

God’s Special Needs:
Charlotte Slater 457-7770

Health Ministry:
Missy Feyerherm 485-5122

Ministry to the Sick:
Lee Handwerker 854-8502

Project Outreach:
Delana Lynch 861-6358

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