Holy Matrimony

Get your wedding gifts from Jesus!

Holy Matrimony

An Incarnation Wedding

The Sacrament of Matrimony begins with a meeting with a priest or deacon 4-6 mo before the wedding date.

Diocesan Pre-Marriage Education class is required.

One member of the wedding party or family must be a parish member 6+ mo before the wedding.

Honoring decades of committment

Vow Renewal

It is right and good to honor the mature marriage that has weathered its share of storms.

Couples celebrating 25+ years of marriage are welcome to renew their vows during a weekend mass.

Blessing a civil marriage


People come to conversion at different points in their walk with Christ. If your legal wedding didn’t happen in a sacramental context (e.g. Justice of the Peace), please call our office.

Convalidation requires the same sacramental preparation classes as for Holy Matrimony.

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