During Mass

Altar Servers

These young people (grades 4 through 12) assist the priest at liturgical celebrations. Training is required to be an alter server.  Classes are held periodically throughout the year and are announced in the Sunday Bulletin.  Applicants must be a baptized Catholic who has completed their 1st Holy Communion.  Parent’s permission is also required.


Larry Quas, 861-1884

Ministers of Holy Communion

Catholic adults (21 and over) who are committed to the ministry and complete a formation program by the Diocese assist in the distribution of communion at Mass.  Ministers of Holy Communion are sometimes asked to conduct a Communion Service, and distribute Communion to the sick or in prison. Training for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is provided periodically throughout the year by the Diocese.  Ministers are scheduled according to Mass preference.


David & Betty Llewellyn, 853-7468


Lectors proclaim the Word of God at liturgical celebrations. Formation programs run by the diocesan Ministry of Liturgy and Spirituality are held periodically and are announced in the Sunday Bulletin and West Tennessee Newspaper. Lectors are scheduled according to Mass preference.


Kevin Baioni, 854-0527


The Ministry of Usher in the Catholic Church has changed over the years. Many years ago, the main duty of the Usher was to take up the collection.  Today the Ministry is required to prepare the worship space for its celebrations. These duties rang from hospitality, to providing a spiritual environment to ensuring safety and fostering a sense of public worship. At Incarnation the Ministry of Usher takes on the role of coordinating and being the first line of contact with the parishioners and newcomers. The requirements are simple – to be a parish member in good standing, and to have the desire to serve your fellow parishioners in the Ministry.


Scott Rozanski, 854-9500

Mass Preparation

Liturgical Commission

The pastor has commissioned the Liturgical Commission to facilitate an atmosphere in the celebration of the Eucharist that will open our community to a profound personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  The commission is composed of coordinators for each component of the mass: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, Ushers, Music, Sacristans, and Altar Servers.


Deacon Robert Walker, 754-7117

Altar Society

Members of the Altar Society prepare the altar and church for worship. This includes the care of vestments, altar vessels, linens, etc.


Mary Lou Reed, 853-2561

Altar Flowers

Parishioners may donate flowers for the altar in the church for any Sunday except during Advent and Lent. Contact the Parish Office to make arrangements.


Parish Office, 853-7468


Sacristans take care of the many and varied tasks which need to be accomplished before the liturgy can take place.  They also assure that all of the scheduled Ministers of Holy communion, Lectors, and Altar Servers are present, and if not, seek to fill any vacancies.


Artie Byrd, 850-5896

Ministry of the Sick

Ministers of the Sick are trained and commissioned to represent our Church community by visiting and bringing the Holy Eucharist to those of our parish family who are sick, elderly or homebound and unable to be present at Mass. If interested in performing this ministry, please call the parish office for information on the next training session.


Betty Wallin, 861-1755

Ministers Needed

Ministers of the Eucharist:
Contact David or Betty Llewellyn, 854-2739

Contact Kevin Baioni, 854-0527.

Contact Scott Rozanski, 854-9500

 Altar Server: TBA