Graces and Strength to Resist Sin

Every weekend

At the Church

Reconciliation is available 3:45-4:30PM every Saturday in the main church, or by appointment through the parish office or use the contact form below.

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It’s been a while

After an Absence

We want you to be completely comfortable coming to Reconciliation. If it’s been longer than you wished, fear not. Fr. Jacek will help prompt you through it. Just let him know.

If you want a refresher, go HERE for a cheat sheet.  You can take it in with you.

First Reconciliation

2nd-12th Grade

Kids receive preparation in our Faith Formation program. Contact Lea Weaver @ 853-0135 for more information or use the contact form below.

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At home or in hospital

Ministry to the Sick

Some hospitals in our area will send a priest to your room if you indicate your religious preference on your intake form.  If this is not available or if the person wishing to receive is homebound, please call our parish office.  Due to privacy laws, hospitals and care facilities cannot notify us for you.

Call the front desk or use the contact form below.

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