What Can I Expect?

A Vibrant Mass in Union with Mother Church

100% Catholic

Sacrament & Sacrifice

Are you new to a Catholic mass? Be sure to stop by our Welcome Desk to get a cheat sheet. But, if you get lost, don’t worry; no one is watching!

No Missalettes


Heads down furiously flipping through a missalette or hymnal discourages the communal spirit of the mass celebration.

Screens lift the eyes and help the faithful fully engage with Christ and each other.

Musical Excellence

Kevin & Bethany Paige

Mass music should be of the highest quality possible. Excellence moves the heart. We can debate styles, but, quality comes first.

Incarnation has the unique benefit of world class composers/performers, so experimenting with updated settings and composing new music is a ministerial priority.

After morning masses

Coffee and Donuts

As Catholics, we fast prior to mass. However, offering our guests and friends refreshment is the essence of Christian Hospitality.

This ministry has transformed the after-mass experience! Don’t race out the door. Hang around and make friends. Ask some questions and get involved.


Thank you! Please fill out your information below and let us know how you're willing to serve.

Have you been here for a while?

Our BIGGEST need is for "Host Families" to help new families get acclimated. Whether it's showing them around the building at Mass or recommending a restaurant, we need your help!

Other Ways to Help